Toy Piano Translated by Victor Trescoli Sanz

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If you’re a fan of the toy piano and amazing original toy piano compositions, you’ve probably already heard of Victor Trescoli Sanz. If you haven’t, he’s one of today’s most prolific toy piano composers, artists, and researchers. Since he prefers a Schoenhut for performing his unique toy piano creations, we love to keep up with him and follow his musical endeavors. Having already received Master’s degrees from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Victor continues to expand his talents with scholarships and awards from institutions in the Netherlands and Spain. In a recent chat, Victor answered some questions we had for him about our renowned Schoenhut toy piano and his fascination with the instrument.

Schoenhut Piano Company: How did you begin experimenting with music on a toy piano?

Victor Trescoli Sanz: I started for fun, just a way to get a bit away [from the average full-sized] piano. Very quickly it became an important thing in my life, concerts, collaborations, writings, workshops, etc. The toy piano has this thing that takes you, gives you a freedom, to explore and develop your ideas because of its short tradition, which is growing very fast.

-¬ Clara Mun¦âoz 7SPC: Why do you choose to play a Schoenhut toy piano?

VTS: A Schoenhut toy piano was the first one I got. It was a big surprise for me about the sound and the tuning of the toy. I actually have more than 50 different toy pianos and I always go to the stage with my Schoenhut 37 Key Grand.

Today, just looking at the toy piano repertoire, you can see that Schoenhut has a very important role.” – Victor Trescoli Sanz

SPC: Who is your audience for your music?

VTS: Actually [the audience] is very rich. I had all kinds of public, children, professional, non professional, [all curious]… Somehow the toy piano has this thing that makes the audience feel very curious about what is going to happen on the stage, and normally they get more than they expected. That is very pleasing for a performer.

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SPC: Which is your favorite work at the moment?

VTS: I must say there are fabulous works for toy piano. I have chosen three as my favorite ones. [It] should be known that this is just my taste, of course.

  • Whatever Shall Be by Karlheinz Essl, one of the most interesting composers for toy piano. The piece is very captivating and [offers] a huge view of the possibilities of combining the toy piano with live audio processing. I have played it so many times and every time that I do I am waiting for the next time that I can perform it.
  • Three Liturgies by Carlos D. Perales, a big composer that I bring to Toy piano world whose piece is focused on the virtuosity of the performer. I think he is best with the combination [of music] with fixed media – it is simply amazing.
  • The Winged Energy of Delight by John Kennedy, one of the sweetest and deepest works that I love to play on stage.

And all of them are played with a Schoenhut!

-¬ Clara Mun¦âoz 45

SPC: Tell us about any upcoming shows/concerts you have lined up. 

VTS: Recently I published a CD with my own music where I use two of Schoenhut toy pianos, the grand and upright models, and also two of my vintage Jaymars, among others; so I am very busy with CD presentations, Workshops, Lectures… The next concerts are included in festivals of contemporary music in Spain, Mostra Sonora (11 May´14), and Ensems (17 May ´14), where I will play works by K. Essl, Carlos. D. Perales, A. Bernal, A. Borredà, and myself, all of them for Toy piano and electronics.

SPC: How can we download/purchase your songs?

VTS: It is very easy, two are the release that you can get, Sons Petits and Not a Toy.

In Sons Petits, the toy piano is described with words around the theatre, the objects and the landscapes, where the sound surprise as a world in itself and the toys are brought to an instrument category. Music is understood as a poetry and the imagination becomes a melody with plenty of theatricality, fantasy and joyfulness.

Click here to buy a physical copy from Gadgad music or purchase here from iTunes or here from Amazon.

And [you can listen to] Not a Toy, my live recital with compositions by the Austrian composer Karlheinz Essl here. It is focused on piano, toy piano and electronics.

To keep up with Victor and his music, follow him here! 

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