Toy Fair 2014 Wrap Up

All good things must come to an end, right?


That’s what we kept telling ourselves while we packed up a very successful Toy Fair exhibition in New York City and flew back home to sunny Saint Augustine, Florida. There were many highlights from this year’s toy industry trade show which turned out to be the largest one of it’s kind in North America. We were so happy to be able to witness the Toy Fair magic firsthand from our Schoenhut booth at the Javits Center in Manhattan! *Click images to enlarge.


alicia keys cuts ribbon at toy fairGrammy Award-Winning artist Alicia Keys added some celebrity sparkle while cutting the ribbon to mark the beginning of the event. In addition to kicking off Toy Fair, Keys also presented her new music-infused storytelling app for kids featuring music written and performed by the artist herself.

In addition to the unveiling of our Raggs Edition Twinkle Tunes Piano Book and Song Books, we also snuck in a preview of our electronic piano line! These models received a lot of attention for their whimsical graphics and clear-as-a-bell electronic tone. The alligator model (pictured below) is definitely one of our favorites! Raggs, the music-loving dog, was a huge hit and attracted all kinds of visitors to the booth who wanted to try out our prized toy pianos, ukuleles, drum set and guitars.

The popular 44-key string piano made it’s yearly Toy Fair appearance and presented the perfect opportunity for passersby to play a little tune. See for yourself!

Since 1872, Schoenhut Piano Company has retained the reputation of being the top distributor in the world of miniature instruments. Our toy pianos have been played on stages and at music festivals around the globe from Carnegie Hall to the Berliner Philharmoniker in Germany, but the stage of Toy Fair will always be near the top of our list. Thank you so much to the buyers and members of the press who spread the word about us and allow Schoenhut to reach toy instrument enthusiasts all over the world. 

Johnny Foto TF14_3
Our most sought after model – the 44 key string Schoenhut piano. (No longer in production.) Photo credit: Johnny Foto, Unites Press International
Raggs testing out one of our classic baby grand pianos. Photo credit: Matt Canada
Johnny Foto TF14
The alligator electronic Schoenhut piano. Photo credit: Johnny Foto, United Press International
Raggs with Schoenhut owners Len and Renee Trinca. Photo credit: Matt Canada

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