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It’s hard to believe that Schoenhut Piano Company has been around since 1872. It is fun to look back on the array of products that have been created since the beginning. The toy piano has gone through many different looks since it’s development. Let’s take a look down memory lane…
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These pianos are absolutely gorgeous!  The colors are wonderful. You could even order them by telegraph.

ff95e123f7953a5f7781519a923f6599Of course, you can’t forget about these beautiful baby grands.

7ae40261f01fb82203827b6250d4ccb2Shoenhut also had a line of dolls and a Humpty Dumbty Circus.

309f87a4b2a0f899910276c0ece96b0a - CopyActually, there were a lot of toy produced by Schoenhut.

5e464a7a1bcfec73f291852a016eb853 - CopyHere are all the different pianos made in the late 50’s.


The company has evolved over the years to strive to be the leader in toy pianos.

379M_blondeboyWe hope to continue to be the symbol of excellence in the world of children and music.

Yours in the World of Music,

Schoenhut Piano Company