SPC Receives Tillywig TOP FUN Toy Award!

9258D with award sealEach year, the Tillywig Toy & Media Awards Program  evaluates top toys, games, apps, music and books in an effort to let consumers, retailers and the media know which ones are worth adding to children’s playrooms everywhere!

Our Schoenhut Piano Pals received the TOP FUN Award – a category dedicated to the products that stand out in terms of exceptional design, construction, and play.

Tillywig isn’t the first to recognize the excellence of our Schoenhut Piano Pals. This original design was also included in Dr. Toy’s Top 10 Creative Products for 2009 and Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Toys for 2010. Then in 2011, Piano Pals was named Creative Child Magazine’s Top Toy of the Year.

Top_Fun_CMYKThe Tillywig Toy & Media Awards are based on group play sessions that take place in a focus group format with testers of all ages. They test the products in an array of categories including the following:

  • Ease of first use
  • Replay value
  • Quality and appearance
  • Social interaction and fun factor
  • Creativity
  • Thought processes and motor skills


Here’s what the pros at Tillywig had to say in our official review:

One of the most striking things about this 25-key piano is its exceptional level of quality, evident at a glance. This is a very handsome, sturdy, and functional toy piano with a playful, beautiful appearance on a par with many a full-sized instrument. It visually and sonorously enhances most any room in which it happens to reside. In other words, both parents and kids will be proud of it. It’s not only built to last, it’s designed to grow with your children. Initially the cabinet rests directly on the floor, ideal for toddlers’ exploration. Later, the height can be substantially increased by attaching side pieces (included) so that the child can sit at the bench (also included). Unlike many toy pianos, the key width is comparable to that of a full-size piano, enabling an easier transition to full-scale size when the time is right. It also has excellent pitch, making it a fine means for developing the ear. Also included is a songbook containing 10 popular tunes that utilize Schoenhut’s Play-By-Color Tri-Play learning system, an easy way to learn to play. Piano Pals comes in red Dog w/ Bench model, lavender Teddy Bear w/ Bench model and pink Horse w/ Bench model.” –Tillywig.com

92528TB_Baby no bench9258D_Ayden9258H_Kynadi

Schoenhut award seal with tillywig

 Visit our website for product specifications! This model is available through our registered retailers online and at specialty toy shops worldwide!