Schoenhut Piano Company from 1984 until Today.


Schoenhut Red & Black logo.jpegSchoenhut Piano Company was purchased by Frank Trinca in 1984, where at the time it was simply a division of Jaymar, the leader in the toy piano market. During its initials years with the Trinca’s, the pianos’ design and structure slightly resembled that of Albert Schoenhut’s early 1900’s piano. As the company continued to grow, so did the development of the simple toy piano. Mr.Schoenhut’s original toy piano utilized glass rods, and while the glass rods provided a refined quality of sound they were not built to withstand heavy usage. Mr.Schoenhut recognized this and began crafting his piano’s with metal plates to transform the customer’s experience and altered it yet again to perform with steal thines. Once the company was acquired by Frank Trinca, seeking to get ahead in the growing industry he enlisted the help of his brother and sister in law, Len and Renee Trinca. The Trinca’s began introducing more keys and changing the structure and interior workings of Albert’s piano to provide more durability to the customer. With new concepts and designs the company thrived and Len devoted himself to the company. At this time production was in the United States and the construction of the toy piano changed to adopt more of a modern look, evolving with the industry’s booming trends.

By the late 90’s Len and Renee purchased the company and four years later moved production from Rochester, New York to Saint Augustine, Florida. In order to be competitive as well as maximize the company’s efficiency and production capabilities, they moved all manufacturing to Asia in the late 2000’s, but kept their base operations and distribution in Saint Augustine, Florida. Active within the Floridian community, Schoenhut Piano Company supports toy pianist enthusiasts, the local deaf and blind community, and other local charitable organizations with various donations.

Currently holding numerous patents on the manufacturing process and design of the instruments, Schoenhut Piano Company strives to provide a beautiful, durable, and educational pianos of true value. The most recent advancement is the digital line that produces an authentic piano sound. This new line integrates the use applications on numerous devices such as iPad and Andriod for added fun and learning. This technology even allows for the toy piano to incorporate karaoke. In addition to our digital line, our traditional acoustic line of mechanical pianos are ever changing with new construction to enhance sound and lasting performance. Nonetheless, Schoenhut Piano Company’s design still reflects that of Albert Schoenhut’s original designs which can be seen in the My First Piano© table top line. Today, Schoenhut remains a thriving company that is presently the leading provider of toy musical instruments.

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