Schoenhut creates a MAP Policy!

Schoenhut's 37 Key Elite Baby Grand
Schoenhut is the leading brand of musical instruments in the toy industry!

This is an exciting time for Schoenhut Piano Company. SPC has decided to institute a Minimum Advertised Policy for all of their retailers. It is important for us to uphold the integrity of the Schonehut name among our resellers. With so many marketplaces on the web today, it’s hard for many retailers to compete. With the MAP policy in places, it creates an even playing field for all to achieve sustainable profit margins.

With these new products out, it's important for SPC to uphold the integrity of the product.
With these new My First Piano Tutor pianos  introduced to the market, it’s important for SPC to uphold the integrity of the product.

It has been hard for Schoenhut to police these policy’s in the past but due to streamlining operational processes, the company is able to reach more retailers than ever to deliver exceptional products to our customers. This growth has given us the ability to outsource the policing task to company’s that can alert us of pricing violations immediately. We hope this new policy brings much success to our retailers and allows us to bring Schoenhut Products to more homes in the upcoming year!