Artist Roster- Katelyn Clark, Canada


Award-winning harpsichordist Katelyn Clark enjoys a vibrant career in historical performance and experimental music. She completed training in modern piano and accompanying at the University of Montreal and harpsichord studies in Victoria and Vancouver; then pursued a Masters degree at the Amsterdam Conservatory with world-renowned harpsichordist and pedagogue, Bob van Asperen.

Katelyn discovered the intrigue of toy pianos while researching Baroque toys and mechanical instruments. Her first toy piano purchase was a wooden unmarked model dating from the early 20th century. Additional acquired instruments include a vintage 8-note Schoenhut upright, circa 1910, and a modern Schoenhut baby grand. Katelyn has performed as a toy piano musician in Canada, the USA, and Europe. Her most notable piece of repertoire is “zin lye” by Eric km Clark for amplified toy piano.