Genius of Play- MUSIC!

Schoenhut Featured in “Genius of Play” Campaign!

If you follow Schoenhut on Social Media, you might have seen us share post and articles referring to the “Genius of Play”, which is a campaign started by the Toy Industry Association about-tialogo (1)(TIA). According to the website their missions “is to provide families with the information and inspiration they need to make play an important part of their child’s day. Through our website and social media channels, parents can find facts, useful tips and expert advice on how toys and play can help kids build confidence, creativity, critical thinking and other skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Plus, you can get ideas on how to keep playtime fun and fresh!”

The reason you s12140582_10154197932159186_7096115086737325837_nee us share their information so much is because we absolutely believe in the power of play in children! “Creating healthy and happy childhoods- that’s the genius of play!” is their motto and we can get on board with that! 1019P_Kynadi

We were so very pleased to see TIA promote musical play this week through the social media platforms. Not only that- but they feature Schoenhut’s very own harp! See more here.

This harp is an excellent choice for a budding musician. At 27″ high, it’s perfect for children. It is modeled after an adult hard with 15 nylon strings. It also includes it’s own color coded learning system to assist your child in learning how to play the instrument!