Featured Band – As Isaac

Not too long ago, we were lucky enough to stumble upon the band As Isaac made up of Zachary Tate Smith, Rachel Austin Kelly, and Kristian Croxall. Their high level of talent and energy were both appealing to us but even more exciting was the appearance of a little, old Jaymar toy piano!

As-Isaac-15 As-Isaac-19
As-Isaac-17 As-Isaac-16

After being unearthed in the band’s favorite antique store located in Franklin, TN, Zach received the toy piano as a Christmas gift. These vintage Jaymar models were once a subsidiary of Schoenhut Piano Company. When we see them pop up, we find that they add even more character to the unique bands and artists who pick them up today.

We’ve all had such fun with it. There’s just something so whimsical and uplifting about a toy piano!” said Band Manager, Meleah Smith.

Zach with his prized vintage Jaymar. Photo by Meleah Smith.
Zach with his prized vintage Jaymar. Photo by Meleah Smith.

Hailing from the Southeast, As Isaac considers South Carolina, Atlanta, Alabama and Mississippi their stomping grounds where they spread their song at coffeehouses, private parties and churches. However, playing for Precept Transform student conferences of worship has taken them all the way to Canada.

In their own words, “The heart’s desire of As Isaac is to engage people with the story of life and truth.” View the video below to see them in action! Also, visit their site on Noise Trade to hear samples and download their songs on iTunes.