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By Maggie Clifford


Brett and Susan Sommer, owners of Figpickels in Cour d'Alene, Idaho.
Brett and Susan Sommer, owners of Figpickels in Cour d’Alene, Idaho.

Figpickels has become a tourist destination in Ceour d’Alene, Idaho. After opening in December 2005, the dynamic toy store has moved to a bigger location and is enjoying the fruits of its labor. A recent Kendama workshop at the store hosted 200 regional children who found out about the workshop from a single facebook post.

Brett and Susan Sommer, the founders and owners of the toy store, say that their marketing strategy is based largely on community involvement. The store hosts workshops, special hours for children in chemotherapy, and even transports a large selection of their merchandise to children’s hospitals. Recently, Brett went across the street to a leather worker to create a holster for one of their hottest items: Kendama, a traditional Japaneses toy. The holster is selling well and the leather worker will soon need to hire more people to produce these items.

“This is how business people need to think these days,” Brett says. “It’s not about selling a few toys – it’s about being engaged with your community.”

Figpickels' Board of Directors
Figpickels’ Board of Directors

If Figpickels is any indicator for the success of this philosophy, then business people should take heed to Brett’s advice. Figpickels’ sales are up 300% and they are excited about serving their community in more ways. They recently hosted a TD Monthly giveaway of toys that, Brett says, had a huge impact on area families who cannot otherwise afford new toys.

As for the future, all signs point to further success for Figpickels and increased impact on regional children. Check them out at or visit them in Cour d’Alene, Idaho at 210 E. Sherman Ave, Suite 103.


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