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tom flaherty

Artist Roster- Tom Flaherty, United States

Tom Flaherty, United States A composer, professor of music, and avid cellist, Tom’s compositions have been performed extensively throughout Europe …

adam marks 2.0

Artist Roster- Adam Marks, United States

  Adam Marks, United States Praised by the New York Times as an “excellent pianist with titanic force,” Adam combines …

elaine lau

Artist Roster- Elaine Lau, Canada

Elaine Lau, Canada A college professor, music coach, keyboardist, soloist, and collaborative artist, Elaine has an avid interest in contemporary …

pascal meyer

Artist Roster- Pascal Meyer, The Netherlands

Pascal Meyer, The Netherlands An internationally acclaimed piano solist, Pascal also plays a duo with dutch violinist Anne-Marie Volten, is …

monica pearce 2.0

Artist Roster- Monica Pearce, Canada

Monica Pearce, Canada Monica Pearce, composer of contemporary music, has an affinity for solo and chamber music, opera, and musical theatre. …


Artist Roster- Jason Farnham, United States

Jason Farnham, United States An award-winning performer, composer, and song writer, Jason’s classical piano training began at age four. While …

david harrington 2.0

Artist Roster- David Harrington, United States

David Harrington, United States David is entering his fourth decade as a professional musician. Founder, artistic director and first violinist …


Artist Roster- Kate Ryder, United Kingdom

Kate Ryder, United Kingdom Kate Ryder is renowned for incorporating unusual keyboard instruments *such as toy pianos, music boxes, antique keyboards, …


Artist Roster- Jennifer Hymer, Germany

Jennifer Hymer, Germany Interested in unusual and unique sonic possibilities for the piano, pianist Jennifer Hymer specializes in a repertoire for …


Artist Roster- Karlheinz Essl, Ph.D, Austria

Karlheinz Essl, Ph.D, Austria Composer, performer, improviser, media artist, author, and composition teacher, Dr. Essl is professor of composition for …


Artist Roster – Phyllis Chen, United States

While I was younger, many of my friends could attest to the number of never-fulfilled multimedia pieces that I wanted to create. It’s hard to know exactly why it seemed so impossible, but after my recovery, it became natural for me to pursue my interests and visions in creating multimedia works with the toy piano as my central voice.


Artist Roster – Eliza Rickman, United States

Shortly before graduating, Eliza began composing her own material, utilizing her talent for arranging string quartets and piano. When she began performing at Los Angeles venues, she purchased a toy piano out of necessity.