Artist Roster- Xenia Pestova, Ph. D, Canada

Xenia Pestova, Ph. D, Canada

“I first fell in love with the Schoenhut toy pianos when I heard a recording of Karlheinz Essl’s ‘Kalimba’ played by my colleague Isabel Ettenauer. I immediately ordered my first toy piano: a white Schoenhut model 379 baby grand with an opening lid, exactly the one required to play the piece (the performer is required to hide small loudspeakers inside the instrument!).

Since then, I have premiered many new works for toy piano and played multiple Schoenhut instruments in very diverse locations that include concert halls from Brazil to Canada, alternative loft spaces coast to coast in the US, and even a remote cave site in Ontario. Every time I sit down to play one of my toy pianos, I feel immense relaxation and joy flowing through me – the instrument itself inspires us to smile and invites us to take ourselves less seriously. I am very excited to be part of the Schoenhut artist roster, and am happy to continue sharing the instruments’ distinct sound with my audiences.”