Artist Roster- Matt “Fleck” Fleckenstein, United States

Matt “Fleck” Fleckenstein, United States

Since graduating with a Bachelors in Music Education from the University of New Hampshire, one of Fleck’s significant professional achievements is completing the intensive certification requirements for becoming a Registered Piano Technician. He is also a proficient solo pianist and member of a jazz combo. Further expanding his horizons, Fleck recently debuted as a (very amusing) ventriloquist. Since acquiring a 25-key My First Piano, this small instrument has been incorporated into a puppet routine.

Fleck’s main instrument of choice is a Schoenhut 49-key stringed piano that he transports to gigs in a hatchback. At the time of purchasing this half-sized “real” piano, he understood the limitations of using such a small-scaled instrument. Not having been able to find an electric version to meet his standards of touch and sound, however, decided to give it a try. “… I have been very pleased with this instrument. With minor voicing, it sounds pretty darn good. … I normally play un-amplified with an acoustic bass, drums… and for restaurant settings, this has been perfect! Considering that this instrument is constantly being tipped on edge, lugged around in a car, and stored in an un-insulated garage, the tuning holds remarkably well. (I will note that I do tune it before every gig, but it usually just requires a quick touch-up.)”