Artist Roster- Jonathan Wayne Mills, Ph. D, United States

Jonathan Wayne Mills, Ph. D, United States

Jonathan is a professor of Music Informatics and Computing at Indiana University, Bloomington. His interest in analog computing and music cognition led him to begin composing and performing with analog synthesizers in 2006. Since then, Jonathan has recorded over 70 albums of improvised thematic music on diverse topics, exploring and incorporating microtonal music, audio-MIDI feedback, and aleatoric music based on casting runes.

After acquiring a 37-key Schoenhut Concert Grand in late 2011, Jonathan states “acoustic is the ultimate analog.” He recently added a 44-key Schoenhut Pro Baby Grand, a 37-key spinet, and a six-key Schoenhut toy piano manufactured circa 1900. “Their beautiful timbres, their delicate keyboard touch, and the joyful, sparkling ambience of the musical space” inspired his current project, Tales from beyond the Event Horizon—Four Fairy Tales for the Toy Piano. He also created an album of toy piano compositions,Not A Steinway, a collection of 17 toy piano pieces from seven albums; and recently re-scored 6’33”, a fugue that embeds John Cage’s 4’33”, for solo toy piano and toy piano ensemble which premiered at Indianapolis’ historic Irving Theatre.