Artist Roster- Jennifer Hymer, Germany

Jennifer Hymer, Germany

Interested in unusual and unique sonic possibilities for the piano, pianist Jennifer Hymer specializes in a repertoire for piano and multimedia and extended techniques, as well as being a performer of the toy piano and kalimba. She began playing the Schoenhut 37-key grand in her ‘Piano, Toy Piano, Kalimba & Gadgets’ project in 2006, which premiered in the Laeiszhalle, Hamburg. Her solo CD ‘Ceci n’est pas un piano’ includes toy piano pieces written for her and the Schoenhut grand by composers Manfred Stahnke and Georg Hajdu.

She and composer Georg Hajdu are co-founders of WireWorks, an electro-acoustic ensemble for acoustic instruments, voice and electronics.

“The photo was taken as I played a Schoenhut 37-key concert grand in Santa Barbara as balloons from Annea Lockwood’s piece ‘Gone’ floated over the piano.”