Artist Roster – Eliza Rickman, United States

311926_10150302010819353_1143345342_nELIZA RICKMAN is a singer, songwriter, and pianist who lives and performs in California. She discovered the piano at age eight, pounding away at a 120-year-old piano inherited from her grandfather. Eliza went on to study classical piano, specializing in Ragtime, at Azusa Pacific University. Eliza eventually changed her major to arranging and, at the urging of a teacher, began singing. Over the next few years, Eliza developed her unique, haunting vocal style by listening to her voice on a four track recorder.

Shortly before graduating, Eliza began composing her own material, utilizing her talent for arranging string quartets and piano. When she began performing at Los Angeles venues, she purchased a toy piano out of necessity. The compact, antique, two-octave Schoenhut piano quickly became her trademark accompaniment. Its piercingly nostalgic sound created a lyrical dissonance with her deceptively powerful voice. While she still performs with a small chamber of musicians at venues like El Cid and Hotel Cafe, the toy piano is the central instrument on her new EP, Gild the Lily.

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