Artist Roster- Alan Shockley, Ph. D, United States


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Alan Shockley, Ph. D, United States

Composer, pianist, author, toy piano and melodica player, Alan is Assistant Professor and Area Director of Composition/Theory in the Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University, Long Beach, where he also directs the New Music Ensemble. Recent projects include two piano works commissioned by Benjamin Binder in response to Schumann’sCarnaval, a virtuosic violin solo for the Montecito Summer Music Festival (stn [adversary]), and Sechseläuten, for the Rhode Island College Wind Ensemble.

Alan organized Beyond the 88, a Festival of New Music for Alternative Keyboard Instruments at Princeton University that included works for harpsichord, prepared piano, hurdy-gurdy, melodica, accordion, toy pianos, and other keyboard instruments; also wrote _little white house (underpass to the foundation), 1 p.m._ for nine electrofitted (“player”) toy pianos for Trimpin’s Seattle installation Klavier nonette, later released on CD by Jack Straw Studios, and followed by a single toy piano version.