Alexa Dexa: Schoenhut’s Resident Performer for TF’14

Alexa Dexa Performance AnnouncementThere are many words to describe the multifaceted toychestra composer and electronic sound designer, Alexa Dexa. But the first thing that comes to our mind is: Little piano, huge talent. We’re proud to announce Dexa as our resident performer during Toy Fair 2014! Click to enlarge the image for details.

Dexa has captured our attention ever since earning her spot on our official Schoenhut Artist Roster of singers, songwriters and composers who proudly support toy piano composition. What’s unique about her musical styling is the way it marries the mature tone of her songs with the child-like playfulness of toy instruments.

 She finds a place of unconditioned wonder to weave into songs touching on a range of subjects from heartache to physics. With her fanciful stage presence and occasional accompanying art installations, Alexa creates ethereal atmospheres that melt away the edges of perception.” –

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After embarking on DIY performance tours and playing for various music festivals, Dexa receives praise not only for her unique, eclectic sound, but for her ink drawings as well. The 2013 UnCaged Toy Piano Festival – an event that summons toy piano enthusiasts from all over the country to submit compositions for miniature and unconventional instruments – recognized Dexa in December by inviting her to perform at the kick-off party at Pianos in New York City while her drawings were projected on the wall behind her. Not only does she display her artistic talent through her musical abilities, she also showcased some serious smarts by submitting a composition made of microwave radiation sounds and the rhythm they create by permeating through the universe. (Tell us that’s not impressive.)

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