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Jacqueline Dautel
Jacqueline Dautel

Jacqueline is a young professional making her way in the world of social media marketing. Her passions are traveling with her loved ones and writing about art and culture. At Schoenhut, her goal is to connect consumers with fun and educational musical activities, toy news, inspiring and creative performances, and all things toy piano.






Maggie Clifford, contributing writer to Toy Piano World.
Maggie Clifford

Maggie is a mother, musician, and lifelong student of health and happiness. She brings a childlike curiosity to her writing and explorations to uncover the simple truths that make each moment precious. She seeks out research-based writings on the subject of music for children, enjoys imagining ways to bring music into family life, and hopes that what she brings to Toy Piano World is useful and enjoyable to you.


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