Youtube stars The Gregory Brothers get down with a Schoenhut

It’s no secret that professional musicians and entertainers love Schoenhut toy pianos but we’re always pleasantly surprised to find groups who use our instruments in their creative endeavors – especially when they play to an audience of over 2 million followers on Youtube!

The Gregory Brothers_2

Whether the artists have a large or small following, it always reminds us of the surprising versatility people find in the toy piano. What’s even more awesome is when a Schoenhut makes an appearance in videos of today’s most popular songs like Katy Perry’s Dark Horse and Alicia Keys’ New York covered by The Gregory Brothers. The musical quartet describes their genre as “country & soul, folk & roll” and inspire hilarity with their viral Youtube videos that range from “songifying the news” to delightful pop renditions that turn sad songs into happy ones and vice versa. After learning that they too prefer a Schoenhut to accompany their songwriting and covers, we had to reach out to ask them a few questions. Here’s what the musical comedians had to share with us.

Schoenhut Piano Company: If you had to sum up your musical stylings in three words what would they be?

The Gregory Brothers: Pushing. The. Envelope. 

SPC: To quote The Gregory Brothers, “Everything is better as a song!” Do you also think almost every song is better with a toy piano? (We do – but don’t let that affect your answer.)

GB: It is safe to say that a surprising amount of songs are better with toy piano. It is also safe to say that toy pianos are often just plain surprising!

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SPC: How does the toy piano add to your musical aesthetic? GB: The toy piano broadens the overall musical palette that we work with, which is huge when you’re trying to emulate a lot of different genres. The sound of a toy piano has such a specific emotional connotation; it can be the linchpin of the arrangement. SPC: How were you first introduced to the toy piano and what was the experience like? GB: I was a babbling infant, and some beneficent adult put me in front of a toy piano. It just felt right. Especially size-wise. 

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SPC: What inspires you to do your amazing covers?

GB: Our fans, who count on us to reveal the true nature of hidden songs. Oh, you thought Pharrell’s “Happy” was about being happy? Well, allow us to show you the longing and melancholy that lies within, once we perform it as a minor-key hymnodic chant. You weren’t aware that routine speeches on the floor of the US House of Representatives are actually rock choruses in disguise? We can help with that.

The Gregory Brothers_1Can’t get enough of them? “Like” The Gregory Brothers on Facebook and subscribe to their channels on Youtube! You’ll be dazzled on the daily by all their projects. And keep an eye out for their Schoenhut pianos!