2016 NY Toy Fair Recap

Schoenhut’s Toy Fair Recap!

Everyone is back at the office recovering from the 9 days we were all at Toy Fair! Normally, only a few people from the office go to New York initially but this year we had a NEW BOOTH so the whole team came in at the same time to ensure a smooth process. Many people were very interested in our decision to have a closed booth.

Untitled design (1)Len Trinca, Owner of SPC, decided to do a closed booth in order to be able to have quality conversations with current and perspective re-sellers. We had a lot of really exciting information to share with our partners (more about that below!) and we wanted to be able to give them our undivided attention. We are so thankful for all that stopped in to do business with us or those that just wanted to thank us for the great product. We really appreciate it!

What you might have missed!

We were able to meet with many re-sellers but of course not everyone, so what did you miss? Let’s take a look!

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Our very first guest in the booth was Sarah Haines, who is quite possibly the most adorable person ever. She had lots of fun playing on our My First Piano Tutor©, drums and harp! Check out her recap of Toy Fair here!

Same Style, NEW Sound

We also introduced a new line of digital pianos! We worked very hard over the past two years to provide customers with a unique product. Schoenhut is known for the  classic traditional body styles and charming sounds of a toy piano. We definitely did not want to shy away from this, however- we did want to bring out products into the digital age of music. We kept a lot of the styles the same but added a digital keyboard that mimics the sounds of a true piano. We also added the My First Piano Tutor©.

My First Piano Tutor (4)

The My First Piano Tutor© connects with your iPad or Android device allowing use your piano keyboard to control hundreds of piano teach applications. This allows children to get familiar with a piano and use the interactive apps to learn how to play! As your child advances in their ability, you can advance the apps. That’s not the only great thing but this piano also has the following features:

  • USB Post allows for connecting to any PC, iOS, or Android device
  • Able to connect with applications to help children learn how to play a piano
  • Digital piano which can mimic the sound of a true piano as well as other sounds
  • Has record and play back functions
  • Ability to hookup Karaoke devices through piano
  • Velocity keys, sustain pedal, microphone and headset ports

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The last bit of big news was that Schoenhut is MAP Protected. This is great news for most re-sellers. Over the past few years larger marketplaces have made it difficult for some retailers to be profitable. Minimum Advertised Pricing policies help level the playing field and allows our products to be available in more stores!

Toy Industry Foundation Donation


At the end of the show, we were very happy to be able to donate all of our floor models to the Toy Industry Foundation. This foundation makes a difference in the lives of children by giving those in need the gift of play! For more information about what they do, click here.

Check out our video recap of Toy Fair by Matt Canada!


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